Our Story

Being healthy or disease-free is only one aspect of well-being. The inter-relationship between a person's physical, mental, emotional, and social health variables is complex, and happiness and life satisfaction are closely related to well-being. As such, well-being is how you feel about yourself & your life, and how you lead your life.

Just like everyone else, COVID was an eye opener for taking care our wellness and at the same time, my wife Papita and I realized that the number and type of supplements in our cabinet have been steadily increasing.

With age, we have been noticing that our gut and digestive tracts don’t function as well as they did before. Papita has had significant issues with her gut and numerous medical tests have come back with no diagnosis. What has been helping her are supplements, mainly enzymes and probiotics. I’m sure there are lots of you out there silently suffering from gut and digestive issues and with no medical diagnosis. With this in mind, we have launched our own wellness brand, called Rucir. We are offering supplements, vitamins and minerals to help people with their gut & digestive health and help in balancing their nutritional needs.

For those of you curious about the word Rucir, it is derived from the Sanskrit word Ruchir,  which signifies beauty or radiance. Our goal is to assist everyone in leading a fulfilling life by encouraging them to connect with their inner beauty and well-being.

In our opinion, wellness can be attained by practicing healthy habits that improve your physical and mental health, thereby ensuring that you are flourishing rather than merely getting by in your life. Healthy habits include regular exercise, managing what you eat and balancing the type and amount of nutrients you consume.

As such, we have envisioned a platform, Rucir, to provide information, tools and products that enables everyone to focus on and manage their wellness. We believe that that everyone should have access to wellness related information and solutions that best suit their needs and lifestyle. In order to incorporate wellness into your life, you do not need to make major changes; instead, small changes to your day-to-day activities that build up in increments is all that is required.

At Rucir, we'd like to say that we are on a mission to change people's lives by promoting the importance of prioritizing one’s wellbeing and helping them maintain it.

We look forward to helping you manage your overall health and wellness. We would appreciate if you could provide referrals and spread the word about our mission.